Southern Vietnam Beaches

With sparkling clean water, clear and shiny sky, silky sand and soft breeze, the whisper made by the rows of casuarinas trees, beautiful landscapes, beaches in the South of Vietnam are always good choice for your holidays

1. Ghenh Da Dia Beach

Ghenh Rang Beach is a famous beauty spot situated in the south of the poetic Quy Nhon City, 3km from the downtown.

Ghenh Rang is a wild land with green mountains and blue sea. A part of the Vung Chua Mountain protrudes to the sea, creating fantastic scenery. The path to Ghenh Rang is treacherous, with wild flowers growing low clinging to tourists. Ghenh Rang Beach is a picture of rocks, sea waves. The beach is lined with scattering rocks; it turns out to be a golden sand beach at low tide. In the early 19th century, Queen Nam Phuong would bathe and relax there.

From the Queen Beach to the garden of rock “animals” and strange rock eggs are many modest garden houses nestling amid the plants and trees. The path to Ghenh Rang passes by the modest grave of poet Han Mac Tu. Looking at the dazzlingly yellow chrysanthemums, visitors may feel full of pity for the miserable life of this talented poet. The grave all the year round is drenched in sunlight, clouds, winds, moonlight and the murmurs of the sea.  

Visiting Ghenh Rang Beach, you will have a chance to enjoy the marvelous beauty for its vermilion twilight and moonlit nights amidst the vast water and sky...

2. Quy Nhon Beach


Quy Nhon is a coastal city blessed with a fantastic long stretch of sandy beach, extending from the port in the north to the mountains in the south. The scenic seaside and the tidy streets make it now as nice as Nha Trang with much fewer tourists, which can promise you more peace and space. Thanks to its well-planed urbanization, smart public infrastructure and litter-free streets, this beach city is an ideal place for people to retire to.

For tourists, the beach is best for unwinding and treating oneself to some luxury. Immersing themselves here, tourists can experience and embrace the slow-paced daily life of local people. Huge boulevards are lined with groves of coconut trees, under which local people practice tai chi every morning. The town has a few attractions to give tourists an excuse for a leisurely walk around tidy, well-kept streets. One of those landmarks is the enormous statue of Tran Hung Dao pointing his finger towards the north, which many tourists choose to climb and then peak out onto the view through the big eyes.

Further south, there are fewer and fewer residential buildings. From there, it opens up to a park-like promenade and luxurious hotels, which guarantee tourists the best relaxing vacation overwhelmed with spa treatment and nature’s peace. The beach there is more romantic, tranquil and hidden from the bustling of the city.

Best Time to Visit

Vietnamese local people usually choose to visit the beach during the summer months, which is probably owing to the high temperature and the summer vacation of the children. During such time, the beach is a little more packed with families and friends getting together to enjoy their time at the beach.

But, in a sense, the beach will also become livelier with kids playing cheerfully and adults chatting vigorously. However, if you are seeking peace and tranquility, spring and fall might be a better choice for you, when the sea is still calm and the weather is not scorching hot. Traveling to Quy Nhon beach during spring and fall is also the choice for those who cannot cope with the high temperature of 40 Celsius during the summer months. What is more, tourists are recommended not to plan their vacation to Quy Nhon during the winter months, which ranges from October to end of January. This is due to strong wind, rough sea water and occasionally storms or mild typhoons.

3. Nha Trang - one amongst the premium World beaches

Imagine that you are lying down watching the sea, while standing around is beautiful ladies with salangane (“yến sào”) and fresh strawberry juice served to you! WOW.., you should think you are in a magic land!


Nha Trang – the capital of Khanh Hoa province, in the central South of Vietnam ranks first amongst Vietnam’s most beautiful beaches for both pristine natural sea scenes, and excellent accompanied tourism services. The services, like modern telpher system, high-speed canoes, sailing boats, small ships, and many high-quality resorts along side the beaches are worth trying. That’s why it is often referred to as the ‘Seaside Resort’ of Vietnam.

Quick view

Nha Trang’s fascinating beaches stimulate any one stepping by. It is a collection of 6 major beaches and some small scatterred beaches. Located in the North are 4 beaches named Dai Lanh, Doc Let, Whale Island, and Jungle Beaches, and in the South are Tran Phu and Hong Chong Beaches. They are all within a few hours drive.

All of these locations have modern accommodations and adequate lodging for an overnight stay. What makes beaches in Nha Trang famous among many others alongside Vietnam – an over 3,000 kilometered seaside road country? The common absorptive characteristic is the fine & fair sand, the mirror-like pure & clean ocean water, and the deeply mild temperature all the year round.


Amongst the 6 major Beaches, Tran Phu Beach, south Nha Trang located, is most attractive to tourists. It consists of various small beaches inside. The Beach is one of the greatest communities of small beaches in Nha Trang, which results in its popularity. Its name is derived from the name of the street – Tran Phu Street – running alongside the beach. “A beautiful avenue adorned with a lush green centre, colorful flowers and pretty street lamps, harmonized with the fresh blue color of the sea. Oh a graceful picture!”, a foreign tourist remarked. Coming here, tourists can easily find good-quality hotels, eateries and bars along the street. Being the most frequented one the Tran Phu Beach is also the most crowed of all the Nha Trang beaches.

Ranking second and third to Tran Phu is Hong Chong and Dai Lanh Beaches. Dai Lanh Beach is frequently visited by local Vietnamese on their holidays. It is around 83 kilometers north of Nha Trang. These two Beaches are gorgeous areas with turquoise water, soft cream color sand and lots of peace and quiet.

The next one to be mentioned is Doc Let Beach, located just 30 km north of Nha Trang, on Highway 1 in Ninh Hoa village, Khanh Hoa Province. This is a long and wide chalk-like sand with shallow water, which makes swimming easier. 

The last but not least one that must be mentioned is Whale Island Beach Resort is also a great treasure. Though being a tiny island surrounded by 4 larger islands just off the coast of Nha Trang in Van Phong Bay, it is really a tiny pearl. What is makes this island unique is that it is a lovely and secluded French-run beach retreat. The island name derived from the habit of whales and sharks swimming into the small crescent shape lagoon in April and July to eat krill and plankton.

Travellers can have a number of opportunities to play all the sea-relevant games in any beaches. Apart from unwinding yourself in the midst of nature, you can also indulge yourself in by going for swimming in the sea, boat sailing, scuba diving, kite boarding, playing football or badminton, performing Tai Chi, a kind of Chinese meditation, etc. Sun bathing is another favorite pastime popular among the tourists. What can be more marvellous and comfortable is being served with all excellent sea food such as salagane (yến sào) – a specialty of Vietnam’s sea zones, fresh crabs, shrimps, and many others on the cruise (if requested by you) right after a tiresome playful time by a professional service system: Quick, Clean, Healthful, Considerate, and Professional as much as possible! Believe us that staying here will bring you the feeling of being a King or Queen!

Sea Festival and “Miss Beauty

A very popular activity in Nha Trang beaches is sea festival. Sea Festival is held anually, and August-Nha Trang Rendezvous Festival is held every 2 years absorb numerous tourists. All the festivals fully cover sea food, arts and activities like Sea-Food Zone, Sea Night Carnaval, ect. and some exhibitions about Cham Brocade Textile, Arranging Art, and so on. If you would like to get to know about this City, please come and join them on any of those occasions.

During the past few years, Miss Vietnam and Miss Earth have occurred in Nha Trang. More importantly and proudly for Nha Trang and Vietnam, Nha Trang (to be exact, Vinpearl Land (which means Vietnam’s Pearl) – the 5-star resort of the city) was selected for the “Miss Universe Pageant 2008”. Zhang Zi Lin, the current Miss World said on her trip in Nha Trang: "Nha Trang beaches are wonderful with blue sky, turquoise sea, and cool wind. I think Nha Trang is marvellous for the world beauties to gather”.

Having vast tranquil beaches and the finest climatic conditions, the Nha Trang Beaches are perfect for a lovely holiday. Nha Trang is considered one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. The Miss Universe 2008 Peageant commited to select Nha Trang as its performance place thanks to its magical surronding and pristine location.

4. Mui Ne Beach - a naturally gifted sea Cape

Whoever visiting Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan Province could not help a journey to Mui Ne – a gracefully seductive sea cape!


22 kilometers North Eastern Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan Province, Mui Ne is a group of beaches, such as Ong Dia beach, Front beach and Back Beach. 
The name “Mui Ne” derived from the fact that fishersmen get in here to hide the storm on their fishing days. “Mui” means cape, and “Ne” means hiding. Tourists can easily be attracted by the deep blue of the sea, the goldern of the sun and sand, all converging in warmth and purity.

Quick look

What makes Mui Ne a different fascinating seaside painting? The answer consists of quite a few elements, such as beautiful beaches  gently sloping to the sea, gentle breezes, pure sea, blue sky, and cristine reddish sand dunes. More importantly, though grown up from a distant seaside far from the highway (with scattered poor fishing villages) to a community of hundreds of high-quality resorts, Mui Ne is still called the “Desert of golden sand”. Still, visiting Mui Ne, you can see by your own eyes the fishing village “Mui Ne” – a typical Vietnam’s fishing seaside land in its daily life. 
What is more, the all-the-year-round sunny weather facilitates any swimmer.


Mui Ne is a precious gift of Nature, with the most beautiful sand – banks in Vietnam. The sand gathers together making the endless accumulated hills. Sand hills have been sources of inspiration for numerous photographers for years. Standing on top of the hills, you can easily feel the cool winds from the sea. Seldom can tiredness so quickly disappear!

Among others, Ong Dia beach is the finest one in Mui Ne, the beauty of which is revealed in the ever cristine state, long-lasting sand banks and coconut-palm paths. As one of the best seasides in Vietnam in terms of both natural beauty and sea entertainment kinds. Just take a holiday here, you will have chances to taste a series of delicious seafood, and enjoy various interesting activities, for example, swimming, boat sailing, sun bathing, surfing, golf, scuba-diving and snorkeling, hunting, sight-seeing, or hide into a charming and relaxed night life with live music or local sea festivals. If you would like to try something more uniquely typical Mui Ne beach, you could spend time visiting the oldest towers in Vietnam, Ponshanu or 

Mui Ne sand

Phu Hai, 1,200 years old, which are luckily to be located here. Those are the work of Cham people. As years have gone, leaving time raveges down on here, their solid existence is the firm witness of Cham culture improvement.

For further sight-seeing, tourists may take a walk to Ong Hoang Storey, Rom Island, or Mui Ne Sand dune (or in other words, Flying Sand dune). 
Flying Sand dune is one of the longest Sand banks stretching a series of kilometers and areas. Its name derives from the main golden color with the existence of hundreds of years. Why is it “flying”? It is the answer that makes it differ: the shape changes hourly, daily, monthly, etc. due to the wind, which absorb a number of tourists elsewhere. The dunes are frequently tectonics of different shapes: animal, lying lady, etc. Also, its varied color, such as red, white, pink, whitish grey, and reddish grey, etc. are inspiration of so many artists, among whom is Y Lan, who has created such a new special kind of art – sand painting. This is one of the brand new unique modern kinds of arts in current Vietnam, truly worth your discovery!

Thanks to Sand Dunes, the premium special element of Mui Ne seaside, the local government has built Binh Thuan’s special tourism product, that is, modern golf on sand with planted green confetti, poplar, etc. The golf zone is a part of a qualitative resort area, hostel system, and great destination of relaxation for all tourists.

I have asked a number of foreign tourists to Vietnam the same question, “What do you like most in Vietnam?” The most frequent answer is Beaches, and one of the top seasides around Southern Vietnam is Mui Ne! You should also come and feel the beautiful sea, long sand dunes and fresh breeze yourself!

5. Phu Quoc Beach

A beach holiday on the largest island of Vietnam, you are advised to relax on Phu Quoc beach and enjoy a sunrise vacation...

After being liberated on 30 April 1975, Phu Quoc has been converted into an ideal tourist destination for nature and sea lovers. Located in the Gulf of Thailand, the hear-shaped island lies just 62 nautical miles from Rach Gia and nearly 290 nautical miles from Laem Chabang (Thailand). Phu Quoc has a monsoon sub-equatorial climate. Trips to Phu Quoc can be made all year round, but the best time is dry season when the sky is always sunny, clear and blue.

Pristin beaches here are seemingly captivating to those fond of unspoilted beauties. The one listed in the “World Hidden Beaches” is “Long Bank” (“Bãi Dài”), which is most beautiful from October to March. The beach honorably ranks higher in the list to many other world famous beaches, such as Wildcat Beach in California, the USA, Pink Beach in Barbuda, or Cayo Costa State, south Florida and so forth. The fresh sea breezes and stunning sandy beaches touching crystal clear blue waters make Phu Quoc beach a true paradise.

You can come here by ship or airplane (Ho Chi Minh City – Phu Quoc Flight). Swimming, sun bathing, boat-sailing, scuba-diving, etc. are all the exciting and relaxing seaside activities, healthful for every individual tourist. There is some nice coral to see and if you are lucky you might see a bamboo shark. After about an hour dipping yourself in the cool and clean blue sea water, imagine that you are now served with a series of especially tasty seafood; you would feel like you were the happiest guy in the world!

Phu Quoc beach is an ideal heaven for relaxing, snorkeling and scuba diving. Scuba Diving were introduced to the island during 2002 by Jeremy Stein, better known for his 5 Star diving and Instructor Training Centres in Nha Trang. So whilst diving is relatively new here you have a rare opportunity to be amongst the first to dive this area and to discover new dive sites. 

In case you has interest in the local fishing life, you may pay a visit to Ham Ninh fishing village, where the routine daily fishing work of the locals are available at your observation. Moreover, you will have a chance to enjoy the unique aromatic flavor of Phu Quoc fish sauce at a traditional fish sauce factory. At fish sauce workshops, you will be amazed at the sight of dozens of bulky barrels being lined up and waiting to be jammed with fresh fish. You will be tempted to try a few pungent green pepper coins and half a spoonful of the tasty salty sauce.

“You must visit Phu Quoc! The beach is so beautiful!”, a foreign tourist has said like that. Enjoy sunbathing on the pristine beach for most of the time. At other times take boat trips to the nearby islets for snorkeling, fishing and watching the sunset over the ocean...

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