Northern Vietnam Beaches

Are you looking for something to do in this summer? Why not take a trip to beautiful beaches in the North of Vietnam for enjoying wonderful scenery!

Vietnam is favored by the Mother Nature to have a long coast of 3.444km. From the North to the South, there are numbers of beautiful beaches that have been famous not only within Vietnam but also all over the world. In this Best of Vietnam guide, we’ll look at the 5 best beaches near Hanoi.

Though labelled "Best", we must caution you that far from beaches in the South, though in the North does not offer much blue water and diverse range of water-based activities. The coastal area in the North may not live up to your expectation if you were once to Nha Trang or My Khe beach. However, if you really crave for some salted water and open air, they will do the job.

Top 5 Beaches in the North of Vietnam

1. Bai Chay Beach (Ha Long Bay - Quang Ninh)

Bai Chay Beach is located in Quang Ninh Province, around 100km to the Northeast of Hanoi. The most interesting part is the beach is actually artificial, which is 500m long and 1000m wide. The beach is surrounded by a range of hill, covered with a thin forest of pine tree. Near the area is a number of hotels and resort with different type of architecture.

Bai Chay is crowed all the time during summer due to its near distance from the capital city and several Northern Province. Visitors coming there may have chance to taste the most fresh sea-foods in luxury restaurants, visit international entertaining parks or take part in exciting services like water scooters wave surfing.

One small tip, if you want a more deserted beach area, is to book a Halong Bay cruise tour to see Titop island - the water is much calmer and much less polluted. Another ideal option is to go 1 hour further to Van Don beach, a hidden gem of Halong Bay caves and bay complex that not many have discovered.

2. Tuan Chau Beach (Ha Long Bay)

Tuan Chau Sea lies on Tuan Chau Island, overlooking Ha Long Bay – one of 7 new natural wonders of the world is undoubtedly an indispensable destination. The beach here can serve a large scale of swimmer with its coast expanding more than 2km.

Along the beach are a diverse chain of high-stars hotels, luxury restaurants; not to mention a complex of dolphin, seal and sea-lions performance with 3000 seats stage under dome, designed in sail-shape, offering one of the largest entertaining centers in the Southeast Asia.

Additionally, tourist won’t be able to feel bored with numbers of artificial springs, natural waterfall, botanical garden, marine-life center, swimming pool and sports complex, are all waiting for you to explore.

Note: sand at Tuan Chau beach is artificial but on the bright side, the water is clean and calm.

3. Do Son Beach (Hai Phong)

20km to the Southeast of Hai Phong City is Do Son Beach. The place is lucky to possess relatively warm climate in winter but cool in summer that help it to attract customers to come for the whole year.

Do Son Beach is well-known for its smooth sand with coconut tree planted around that give swimmer a real glimpse of a typical tropical beach. In the past, it is used exclusively by lords and kings of feudal system. At present, the residence building of King Bao Dai (the last king of Vietnamese feudal system) is still preserving with its best condition.

Do Son Beach is divided into 3 sectors suitable for different needs of visitors: The first one located at the entrance of Do Son Town; the second one crowed with restaurants and hotels while the third one is appropriate for people who enjoy relaxing and peace.

4. Cat Ba Beach (Hai Phong)

Cat Ba Island is the biggest island among 1.969 islands in the complex islet of Ha Long Bay. The island is a fascinating combination of boundless sea, primitive forest, river, springs, caves, hills, valley and beautiful beaches with gold smooth sand.

Cat Ba’s climate is ideal for tourism with cool and fresh air. Coming to Cat Ba, tourists will attend a musical concert of in which performers are wind and waves: the sound of wave crashing into cliffs, strong wind blowing on beaches or the wild sound of wind hissing on the hill top or inside forests.

Also, tourist may hide a small boat to travel to Lan Ha Bay, or a chain of wonderful beaches with strange name like Cat Co, Ben Beo, Co Tien; and illusory caves like Trung Trang, Hoa Cuong or Thien Long. Additionally, sea-foods here are the most fresh ones may taste with a relatively low price compare to other sea provinces.

5. Cua Lo Beach (Nghe An Province)

Cua Lo is famous for good accommodation and very delicious seafood. Not far from Cua Lo are three small islands, called Hon Ngu, Hon Chu, and Hon Mat, which are dazzlingly breath taking. Tourists in Vietnam travel can visit more than 350km to Cua Lo from Hanoi by car or train to escape the heat and noise of the city.

Located in the central province of Nghe An about 18km from Vinh city, Cua Lo beach is one of the most popular destinations for  tourists, particularly during the summer. Visitors to Cua Lo beach have an excellent opportunity to see beautiful natural scenery, enjoy unique tourist activities and taste seafood on the sand dunes near the crystal clear blue water.

Cua Lo is famous for its legth of 10km beach, good accommodation and very delicious seafood. Not far from Cua Lo are three small islands, called Hon Ngu, Hon Chu, and Hon Mat, which are dazzlingly breath taking. Tourists in Vietnam travel can visit more than 350km to Cua Lo from Hanoi by car or train to escape the heat and noise of the city.

Hotels on one side and pine and coconut trees on the other of the main road running along Cua Lo beach as well as the stands of trees growing as a natural barrier against beach erosion provide cool cover for sun-soaked tourists.

In Cua Lo beach, tourists for Vietnam travel guide have many opportunities to see a number of famous historical sites such as: the tomb of King Mai Hac De and Kim Lien village - the hometown of President Ho Chi Minh. Annually, a tourism festival takes place usually in early May, to welcome the first tourists to the beach on summer holiday.

Cua Lo serves as a numerous swimming pool, while Cua Hoi on Hon Ngu island, just 2km away, is famous for delicious seafood at reasonable prices.

Near the beach there is a chain of three and four-star hotels such as the Green Hotel, Pacific Hotel, Saigon-Kim Lien Hotel and several resorts.

During the day, tourists can spend their time sunbathing, drinking coconut juice, relaxing on the beach,or chatting with friends over a glass of beer and clear fresh seafood. Other activities on offer such as karaoke singing, night fishing from small boats, and riding in a horse-drawn cart or on a tandem bicycle.

On the beach, there is a fish market from which travelers can buy fresh shrimp,crabs, squid, oysters and may ask local restaurant owners to cook for them.

What most impresses tourists to Cua Lo beach is the honesty, friendliness and hospitality of the locals who invite them to buy Cu Do cakes made of peanuts, sugar and ginger, and some other special products like fish sauce or shrimp paste.

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