Safety in Vietnam

Vietnam is generally a safe destination by world standards, but usual common sense precautions are advisable. In recent years petty street crime in large cities has risen. Always keep a photocopy of your passport, airline tickets and credit card numbers, and a detailed record of your traveller's cheques. You should leave valuables in hotel safety deposit boxes wherever possible. In large cities, such as Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, we recommend you wear as little jewellery as possible and keep your spending money close to your body in a secure place when out on the street.

1. What are the chances I will be robbed?

Like anywhere in the world, Vietnam has thieves. Robberies do happen, though they tend to be snatch and grabs rather than muggings. The golden rule is don't take anything out with you that you can't afford to lose, and keep copies of all important documentation such as your passport, credit cards and travelers cheques.

Keep a list of important phone numbers somewhere too. Most guesthouses and hotels offer safety deposit boxes. Use them. As well, it’s wise to use a money belt. Avoid leaving your mobile phone or camera while sitting at a restaurant table or bar and don’t place your purse or bag on the floor beneath your seat where someone may reach under and slide it out.

2. I am travelling alone-is it safe to go out at night?

Our hotels are centrally located in safe neighbourhoods so provided you take the usual common sense precautions, you should feel safe going out at night, even on your own. Alternatively, most hotels we use have a restaurant.

We recommend you take taxis rather than cyclos when travelling at night; taxis in Vietnam are numerous, metered and inexpensive. To assist in finding your way back to your hotel, make sure you obtain a hotel address card, to show drivers where you want to go.

3. Is Vietnam a good place to take children?

Vietnam is very child-friendly. The Vietnamese are family oriented and regularly travel with their own children during holiday periods. If you are travelling with children aged 5-17, our tours featuring a combination of fun and educational activities, might best suit your needs. Some hotels cater well to families with triple share options, or adjoining rooms.

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