Quotations FAQs

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1.What kind of vehicles that you use?
2.How to make a reservation?
3.When will I get confirmation letter?
4.How long before the tour beginning date do I need to make the reservation?
5.What information do I need to provide to make a reservation?
6.What is the tracking...

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1. What is a package tour?
2. Are your tour packages customization (tailor-made by our travel advisor)?
3. What is the difference between Superior, Deluxe tours and Tourists Class tours?
4. What is the content of western breakfast and Vietnamese breakfast
5. I want to eat...

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1. How to meet your guide?
2. Do I have to tip in Vietnam?
3. What will my guide do?
4. What should I do if I can not find my guide?
5. What about Vietnamese tour guide?
6. Which languages do your tour guides speak?

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1. Complaints and Claims
2. When and how much does the National Tourism Administration pay?
3. Under what circumstances can the national Tourism Administration make a refund?
4. What are the exceptions?

cable car

1. Does your quotation include the international flight?

2. Is the cost of the Cable Car included?

3. What does my quotation include?