A day of being a local in Hoi An

The quaint little Hoi An has long been an allure for tourists with picturesque streets, sleepy riverside, incredible cuisine, rave custom tailoring, traditional crafts – you name it. The world heritage site can easily be explored on foot or bicycle, but what about a boat? It’s not a normal boat but a traditional fishing boat. Roll up your sleeves and get ready for a day of being local.

Delve deeper into life of local fishermen

If you are a cultural lover, make sure to dedicate your time here in Cam Thanh village, make friends with lovely fishermen and discover what life is like. You will get an up-close look at the way of life along the banks by learning their fishing techniques. and if you think it easy – wait until you try your own hands at casting the net, go fishing, crab hunting, etc. You can’t imagine how much strength and finesse they use when they go fishing. It’s amazing to see the whole community works unitedly, helping each other with their boats, watching each other catch.

Spin the boat going around around and around

Basket boat – “Thung Chai” – a symbol of coastal culture in Vietnam is an indispensable part of daily lives of local fishermen here. They are prized for their mobility, simple construction, safety and light-weight. You will see how skillful the local fishermen are when they show their different techniques to balance the boat without flipping it upside down. Learning how to paddle the round-shaped boat is fun and truly special itself. I guess, unlike mine, your first attempt of paddling doesn’t move the boat in circles with loads of spinning around.

Wander through the lush green village

After mastering the rowing techniques of the basket boat, you will continue your journey through the tranquil coconut-palm flanked waterways of a past war that many different species call home. The lush green trees not only create beautiful natural images but also protect the local people here who are more likely to be vulnerable to tropical storms.

Savour the goodies

The thrill of savouring the fresh fish after the hardworking day is rewarding. Gathering together, you and the locals can share the simple joy, appreciate a bumper fishing season which holds copious amount of local fish to fulfill their lives. The experience is only in a day but give you a dose of fun and unforgettable memories.

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